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TPMS Case Studies - Aftermarket


Auburn Hills Police Department utilizes TPMS to improve on-road performance
The Auburn Hills Police Department (AHPD) in Auburn Hills, Michigan is a well-equipped, highly-trained group of law enforcement professionals dedicated to serving the residents of Auburn Hills. The AHPD has been utilizing TPMS technology as part of an ongoing tire pressure monitoring trial for one of its fleet patrol vehicles.

Tire Kingdom Adds TPMS Service to Grow Its Portfolio
In the fall of 2007, Tire Kingdom expanded its services to include TPMS. Its TPMS program is more than a response to a trend. Tire Kingdom management views the program as a long-term growth enabler for its business as well.

Costco Adds TPMS Service to One-Stop Shopping
In addition to new tire sales, Costco provides value-added installation, and it is the first in the aftermarket retail segment to offer nitrogen at all of its tire service centers. To this unique portfolio of products and services, Costco added TPMS servicing in 2008 and has grown the category ever since.

Belle Tire Continues Its Tradition of Full Service with TPMS
Belle Tire integrated TPMS into its tire service lineup with a complete offering of service packs, sensors, scan tools and wide-scale training for all of its technicians, across its network of storefronts.

Hay Companies delivers TPMS to keep drivers safe in Istanbul, Turkey
The CEO of Hay Companies, a leading Aftermarket distributor of TPMS in Istanbul, Turkey, discusses how TPMS benefits not only his company, but also provides personal safety for drivers throughout Europe.

Lucky Cab Adopts TPMS technology for fleet
Lucky Transportation has been providing taxicab, limousine and bus services to the greater Las Vegas area for many years. Lucky Cab is an innovative provider of transportation services, and was the first cab company in the Las Vegas market to begin using hybrid vehicles in their fleet.