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Helpful Links for the TPMS Aftermarket

HELPFUL FOR YOU – The official Web site for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – The official Web site for the international tire industry; See the section specifically for consumers – The official site of the Rubber Manufacturers Association, a national trade association for the elastomer products manufacturing industry (including tires) – The European Association of Automotive Suppliers promotes, defends and represents the general interests of the motor equipment and parts industry internationally – The Eurpopean Tyre and Rim Technical Organization is dedicated to achieving standardization and interchangeability throughout Europe for pneumatic tyres, rims and valves – The European Road Safety Charter is a European participatory platform made up of enterprises, associations, research institutions and public authorities dedicated to making roads safer in Europe

HELPFUL FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS – The one-stop location for consumers to find a wealth of information, videos and reports about TPMS and tire pressure safety – A joint effort created by NHTSA and the U.S. Department of Transportation to provide critical guidance in safe vehicle operation and maintenance – A joint effort created by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to provide information on achieving better fuel efficiency