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TPMS Sales Materials

It's tough to react favorably to a cost you don't understand. That's why it's important to have the right TPMS sales materials and resources on hand, so you can turn potential objections about the unexpected costs of TPMS into confidence about the improved safety it provides.

As an aftermarket retailer, it's also important to understand the business benefits of being prepared to service TPMS. Since 2006, U.S. automakers have been required to place TPMS in some new vehicles, and, as of September 2008, TPMS is mandatory for 100% of every passenger car and light truck sold in the U.S., and in many countries globally as well. TPMS-enabled cars and trucks will require tire service at some point. Will you be ready for them, or will you have to send them to someone else? Be prepared to maximize this new revenue stream for your business.

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