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OE Quality Sensors–Schrader sensors, whether snap-in or clamp-in style, are engineered and developed to OEM specifications.
Grommet–Aluminum stem, clamp-in style sensors employ a grommet that maintains fit, function and torque. After removing the grommet, replace with a new one.
Retaining Nut–The retaining nut provides the torque required to maintain a seal and fastens the stem to the rim.
Valve Core–The heart of the Schrader valve is its core. Always use the OEM-specified nickel-plated valve core to prevent galvanic corrosion, a leading cause of valve failure.
Sealing Cap–A sealing cap maintains the integrity of the TPMS system. Always check caps and replace them if needed to ensure a quality rubber seal.*

*According to the Tire and Rim Association, the sealing cap provides the primary seal for all tire valves, including TPMS.

Click "Talk to Us" above to order this relearn chart from the Tire Industry Association, that provides relearning instructions on domestic models through model year 2013.