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TPMS Training

Schrader is dedicated to supporting your TPMS program with the right training for all repair personnel. Access training materials and videos below, or click the "Talk to Us" link to further discuss your TPMS training needs.

While here, you can:
Troubleshoot TPMS – Get help troubleshooting TPMS repairs.
Take the TPMS Quiz – Find out if you or your staff could use further insight into TPMS.
Get TPMS installation help – Watch training videos on TPMS installation.
Download TPMS technical bulletins – Get the latest technical bulletins available from Schrader.
Learn about the TREAD Act – Find out more about the TREAD Act, which mandates TPMS be installed in all new passenger vehicles.

Also, check out Schrader's complete video training library here.

End-to-End TPMS Instruction
Schrader provides comprehensive training.
Download the 2010 TPMS Training Presentation (PPT) to get end-to-end instruction for TPMS servicing.