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Expert Interviews, Training Videos and TPMS Product Demos

Sean McKinnon, Director of Automotive Training Development, Tire Industry Association (TIA)
Sean McKinnon heads up training at TIA, a nonprofit trade organization dedicated to supporting member tire service companies with the proper training, including training on TPMS. Sean helps aftermarket retailers learn about the importance of TPMS and adopt the proper procedures to accurately service TPMS-enabled vehicles. Watch

Interview with Lynn Parker, Vice President, Tire Kingdom
Lynn Parker is Vice President at Tire Kingdom, a leading tire retailer in the Southeastern United States. Having stocked up on all the tools and parts for their TPMS program, Tire Kingdom is now focusing on the operational side of TPMS service by making TPMS one of its key performance indicators. Watch

Interview with Chaz Leizear, District Sales Manager, NAPA
Chaz sees the opportunity–and the importance to consumer safety–in TPMS technology. As a major supplier to tire retailers in his sales district, Chaz sees his role as an educator for each shop, helping staff and managers understand what they need in order to perform accurate TPMS service and repair. Watch

Interview with Jay Poparad, TPMS Senior Engineer and TIA-Certified Training Instructor, Schrader
Jay Poparad has trained service center technicians to deliver TPMS service with confidence. He believes it all comes down to parts, tools, and training. Jay shares key takeaways from his training sessions, including how to educate the customer on what TPMS is and how it helps motorists stay safe and save money. Watch
Interview with Jackie Glassman, former Chief Counsel/Acting Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Jackie Glassman was formerly chief counsel and the acting administrator for NHTSA from 2002-2006. During her time with the organization, NHTSA was responsible for implementing the regulations, rules and procedures required by the TREAD Act. Watch

Understanding and Installing TPMS Solutions
In this training video, Schrader provides instruction on the origin of TPMS, explains why it matters to drivers' safety and shows technicians how to properly identify and install TPMS solutions. Watch

Comprendiendo el Sistema de Monitoreo de Presión de Llantas (TPMS) e Instalando Soluciones Schrader
En este video de entrenamiento, Schrader proporciona instrucciones en cuanto al origen de TPMS, por qué es importante para la seguridad de los conductores, y demuestra como los técnicos de reparación pueden identificar e instalar soluciones de TPMS apropiadamente. Mira

Comprendre le TPMS et Installer les Solutions Schrader
A travers ce support vidéo, Schrader fournit des informations sur l'origine du TPMS (pourquoi il est nécessaire à la sécurité du conducteur); et montre aux techniciens la manière d'identifier et d'installer correctement les solutions TPMS. Regardez

Interview with Jared Smalley, General Manager, U.S. Manufacturing, Schrader
Jared Smalley talks about TPMS and the difference it makes to the overall quality of a TPMS solution to have top-notch components, traceable automation, process checks, and most importantly, rigorous testing. Watch

Interview with Carl Wacker, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Schrader
Carl Wacker discusses everything from the benefits of TPMS and the behaviors and habits of drivers that make it such a helpful technology, to the expansion of this safety feature to countries overseas. Watch

Interview with Charles Rollins, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Schrader
Charles Rollins has great respect for Schrader's assembly automation and the quality checks along the way. It's a dedicated attention to quality that helps him rest easy, knowing TPMS solutions from Schrader are helping keep drivers safe on the road. Watch

Interview with Gary Spanos, Research and Development Manager, Schrader
For Gary Spanos, a Schrader TPMS solution is truly greater than the sum of its parts. But only if the both sensor and the valve are made by Schrader. And there's a reason for that: It's all about quality components and thorough testing. Watch

TPMS Components
An animation to see all the components of a TPMS solution. Watch

Coming Soon: The EZ-Sensor
A sneak peek at Schrader's newest sensor technology. Look for it to hit the market later in 2010. Watch And, for more information, download this brochure about EZ-Sensor.