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Schrader TPMS - Aftermarket

Why Aftermarket Retailers Trust Schrader Solutions
Nearly 100 years after August Schrader introduced the first pneumatic tire valve in 1891, Schrader invented tire pressure monitoring technology. We developed the first TPMS system in 1991 and installed our first commercial system on a vehicle in 1992. Today, we supply many of the leading OEM car manufacturers in the world, including GM, Ford, Daimler, Chrysler, Nissan and Renault. That same OEM fit, form and function are found in the replacement products you need to service the continuous stream of TPMS-enabled vehicles into your repair centers. This includes replacement sensors, service kits, learn tools, manual torquing tools and, of course, the Schrader support to make it all happen.

Schrader's direct TPMS technology is the total package–for global OE vehicle manufacturers, as well as the thousands of repair centers supporting consumers on daily basis. From only the highest-quality components to error-eliminating manufacturing and assembly processes, to our rigorous testing of each sensor and valve, we bring together accuracy, proven reliability and peace of mind into our TPMS safety solutions. Remember that, although every component of a Schrader TPMS solution stands alone on its quality, it's only a Schrader TPMS solution if every part of it is Schrader made. Schrader TPMS quality extends from the valve to the sensor and to the over 40 intricate components in between. To ensure system integrity, always match Schrader valves with Schrader sensors.

Not All TPMS Solutions Are Created Equal
It's important to understand the product you and your customers are getting. See how the quality of each of our components leads to TPMS solutions that resist cracks, ozone damage, poor adhesion, deformation and other defects found in lesser valves.

Schrader Quality Recognized

In 2009, Schrader International received the Frost & Sullivan North American Automotive Vehicle Pressure Sensors Industry Innovation and Advancement of the Award.